Lesson 2 - How Dave Plays Standard Chords

Dave Matthews has a unique style of playing. As a result, he
plays standard chords certain ways. This section is only here because I
am trying to give you the most accurate way to play DMB
songs. Here is how Dave plays certain standard chords

Dave has two ways of play an A chord. He either just
bars the 3 notes on the second fret with his first finger
of plays is like this:

B:-2-- <---3
G:-2-- <---1
D:-2-- <---2

If Dave plays the A chord barred it will be indicated by a 1
under the the chord to show what finger he uses. If no
finger is shown than he uses the fingering above.

When Dave plays a G-Chord, unless both the high-E and B strings
are fretted on the 3rd fret, he plays it like this

E:-3-- <---4
A:-2-- <---2
E:-3-- <---3

For Bar chords where the root bass note is on the A string,
Dave bars the bass fret with his 1st finger and the other
notes with his 4th like this:

E:-1-- <---1
B:-3-- <---4
G:-3-- <---4
D:-3-- <---4
A:-1-- <---1

Any kind of chord where 2 notes are 2 off from each
other, they are played with the 1st and 4th finger like this:

D:-6-- <---4
E:-4-- <---1

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