FAQ - Why can't I View the Videos?

I had an extremely tough time deciding what format to use in
order to bring everyone videos of how to play DMB songs. I
have ultimately decided on the DivX format.

I have come to this decision becuase the DivX format allows me
to get the maximum quality while keeping the video files downloadable
to all dial-up users. Video files can be fairly large and I
would like to keep them small for server reasons and for download
reasons (user side).

In order to play these video files you must download and install
the DivX files. You can download them here for your respective systems:

>> Download For Windows
>> Download For Macintosh
>> Download For Linux

To make sure that you have the proper system requirements please go here:
>> Check your System Requirements

If you have any questions you can always feel free to e-mail
me at jkanter@dmbtabs.com. ENJOY!!!

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