Lesson 1 - Understanding Dave's Style

Dave Matthews is one of the most unique guitarists to hit the
music scene ever. Ever since 1991 he has shown millions of people
just how amazing of a guitarist he is. He has almost single handidly
brought the acoustic rhythm guitar to the mainstream.

Dave's style is an agressive, percussive type. He has an innate ability
to mute almost any string he would like while still fully strumming
either chords or single notes. If you ever watch Dave's right hand
while he is playing, it barely ever stops moving. He strums his
heart out on every song he plays. Even on songs like The
Stone where Dave has to hit single notes, Dave's hand is moving
like a butterfly. He hits all the notes and doesn't think twice.

Dave has also developed many of his songs through the same set
of chords. These chords, while not new to music, are shown
in at least 50% of his songs if not more. They are
unique and often varied in many ways. These "Dave Chords" are known
to all DMB phans and loved. Although many of Dave's songs are
extremely hard to play, with time, it is possible to learn his
style and play "like" Dave.

Through this section I hope to show you all exactly how to learn
Dave's unique style so you can play his songs as accurately as
possible. I DO NOT wish to show you all how to play. Whether
you decide to mimic Dave's style for your songs and playing is
up to you. I am putting this section up to give insight into
how Dave plays his own songs.

ENJOY!!! In no time you will be playing songs like Ants Marhcing,
Grey Street, and with time.....Tripping Billies. Keep at it and remember,

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