FAQ - How do I tune to play Busted Stuff?

Busted Stuff had always been thought to be played in standard tuning
until video's surfaced showing it was clearly not. Through the standard tuned
tabs on the internet and watching the video, I was able to figure
out the exact tuning that Dave uses for the song. It isn't
very hard to re-tune because only 3 strings have to be change.

The Busted Stuff tuning is as follows:

In order to get this tuning you only need to re-tune your
G, D, and A strings. The following is how many half steps
you must tune each string down:

G: 3 half steps
D: 3 half steps
A: 2 half steps

To do this, we will assume your guitar is in tune. First
take your A string and tune it down so that when you
hit the 7th fret on the A, it dounds the same as your
open D string. This is essentially just like Drop D only 1
string lower.

Next you must take your D string and tune down so that
the 8th fret sounds exactly like the open G string. You do
the same for the G string, tuning it down so that the
7th fret sounds exactly like the open B string.

Follow those quick steps and you'll be playing Busted Stuff Just like
Dave Matthews in no time!!! ENJOY!

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