FAQ - How do I tune to Drop-D?

Drop-D is one of the first alternate tunings that Dave Matthews used.
He plays the following songs in Drop-D: Bartender, Crush, Sweet Up & Down,
and Don't Drink The Water.

In order to tune to Drop-D you must change the pitch of
the low E String of your guitar. You must tune your low E
(top string of guitar) down 2 half steps. This means that
when you play the 7th fret on the low E, it will sound
the same as if you played the A string on your guitar

There are two ways to ensure that your low E is tuned to D.
The first is as said above, the 7th fret on low E(now D)
sounds the same as the open A string. The next is to use
harmonics. You play the harmonics on the low E on the 7th
fret and tune until is sounds the same as the harmonics
on the 12th fret of the A string.

Both methods are shown here in tab form:

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