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Unread post by jkanter » Sun Nov 28, 2004 11:44 pm has always strived to bring the DMB Community the most complete and accurate Dave Matthews Band Tablature on the Internet. While it may seem that the website has been dormant for some time due to lack of "updates", we have built a thriving community in the background. This community was built for musicians and by musicians. It has brought together people wanting to learn all they can about not only DMB music, but all music in general. We have grown into an educational site which teaches and helps thousands of people learn about the guitar and other instruments.

For some time we at have been working on a way integrate the amazing qualities of our community into the entire website. Well, after many months of planning we have finally figured it out. We would like to formally announce that the production of the new v3.0 is underway. The enhancements to the site will not only be visual, but everything is being re-written from scratch in order to ensure complete integration. Our team of Artists, Coders and Webmasters are working on some amazing things that will really bring the best qualities of our community for everybody’s benefit.

We at put ourselves in the shoes of musicians around the world, and have come up with easy ways for you to share your own music with the world. Keep on the lookout for these as well as many other brand-new features on the new site.

With all these additions to the site, it may seem that we are going beyond the original intention of the site. While it may be growing, at the core will always be the ability to find anything you need relating to DMB & Guitar. The tabs will be just as accessible as before and also cleaned up to make them easier to read on the screen. Information regarding various guitars Dave used or different tunings will not only be there, but be more complete.

Beginning sometime soon, we will be having sign ups for people to help beta test the new version of We are working hard to give everyone the best experience on the site, so it's important for us to make sure we work out all the kinks before we go live to the entire web.

All updates about the new site, along with sign-ups for beta testing, will be made at

We do of course still have many secrets up our sleeve but it wouldn't be fun for us all if everything was released! Once again, thank you very much too all our users for helping to make the PREMIERE website on the Internet for Dave Matthews Band Tablature. We look forward to some great things.

Jared Kanter v3.0 ...will you be a part?
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Unread post by SpoonInSpoon » Sun Nov 28, 2004 11:45 pm

i like that a lot 8)

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Unread post by mdel21 » Sun Nov 28, 2004 11:45 pm

I'm in

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Unread post by NoNotThat » Sun Nov 28, 2004 11:48 pm


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Unread post by Virtuoso » Mon Nov 29, 2004 12:31 am

Lets do this. I unfortunatley do not have a photo of myself guzzling beer...

Can I still join?

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Unread post by i-am-me » Mon Nov 29, 2004 12:40 am

Virtuoso wrote:Lets do this. I unfortunatley do not have a photo of myself guzzling beer...

Can I still join?
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

i like this guy.

i'm in.. when these sign ups start, i'll join your cult.

just ban sarah....
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Unread post by onid41 » Mon Nov 29, 2004 12:55 am

Im in, that was great to hear jared! :)

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Unread post by bottlecap144 » Mon Nov 29, 2004 2:34 am

jared whats up its robbie just wanna say i enjoyed ur writing lol
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Unread post by DustyDave » Mon Nov 29, 2004 8:49 am

Hell yeah Jared , sign me up brother :) Do you take full responsibility for the beta site incase it fucks up shit ;) ? jk jk jk jk :lol:

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Unread post by You_Enjoy_Myself » Mon Nov 29, 2004 9:47 am

i want to be a guinea pig

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Unread post by GSR » Mon Nov 29, 2004 10:51 am

I've always wondered... What's it take to be a mod?

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Unread post by CWMCALL » Mon Nov 29, 2004 11:27 am

Sounds Great!

If you need help testing let me know

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Unread post by JTR101 » Mon Nov 29, 2004 11:34 am

That all sounds Awesome!!

Love to be part of it!!
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Unread post by sunglassesatnight » Mon Nov 29, 2004 11:52 am

Me me me me me.

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Unread post by MooreDrums » Mon Nov 29, 2004 3:44 pm

yeah... where is the link to sign up?

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