post your own dave cover

So you're amazed as to how Dave's rhythm guitar slaps and strums so "perfectly"...but you can't. Ask all things about Dave and his guitars here.

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post your own dave cover

Unread post by json22 » Sun Sep 12, 2004 9:55 am

I read and see alot of your post and reply and I was just wondering what some of you guys sound like. so post your recorded cover of just playing or playing and singing. this is not a contest, and it does not matter if you sound the best or not. Just wanting to hear some of the ways you guys play these songs.
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Unread post by Easy E » Sun Sep 12, 2004 11:07 am

Check two forums down broham, enjoy
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Unread post by i-am-me » Sun Sep 12, 2004 1:57 pm

The Recording and Critiquing forum.
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Unread post by Brock » Sun Sep 12, 2004 2:27 pm



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