Cincinnati, OH Area Musicians

Post recordings you have made here and get feedback from the community. Songwriting topics would also reside here.

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Cincinnati, OH Area Musicians

Unread post by Ritterbc » Tue Sep 25, 2012 7:45 am

Hello all,

My name is Branden Ritter and my original project needs talented musicians to fill the voids. I am a singer/songwriter with 15 finished songs as far as music and acoustic guitar go, and another 8+ musically finished pieces/no lyrics.

As far as playing experience, I have been at it for 8 years and have clocked over 11,000 hrs of play time, which averages out to over 3.5 hrs a day, everyday, for 8 years. My biggest influences are Jimmy Page and Dave Matthews.

For all of the entirely finished songs, I have certain ideas in my head for other notes to be played, but I think of these ideas more as guidelines for other musicians to use to find what's comforatble for them to play. After all I play guitar, what do I know about your setup? Looking for a drummer, bass player, keyboard, harmonica, saxophone, and a finger harp.

I have access to a full practice room with a big house PA and most pieces of a drum kit. Ask me for further details on that.

The idea behind this is to create today's tailgate-jam band. The songs I have finished are structured around a verse/chorus framework, but are filled with bridges, breakdowns, and jams to keep things moving and interesting. I am also looking for you other talented players to bring your own creative process to the table and work off of that. I have a few recordings to send out for a demo. If you're are interested contact me.

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Unread post by Tarbarshi » Fri Apr 17, 2015 2:20 am

To the knowledge you recommend it.

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