B&P if possible?

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B&P if possible?

Unread post by Tricksee » Fri Sep 28, 2007 2:48 am

Hey Guys,

Im looking for a kind soul to help me out.
I recently got into DMB and already have bought near all the released albums. However, I know how DMB are acclaimed for their *LIVE* performances and it seems I only have the live albums which have been released (which are great b.t.w.... :wink: )

Im looking for some other shows, maybe T.V solo performances by Dave, and other simple rareties to get my hands on, Im really not interested in which ones, from when, performed at where ever, I would just like to expand my collection. Now, I'm kinda' out and about alot and have no time to sit the watch the DVD shows you guys generously burn each other....(I still havent watched Folsom Field even though I got it 4 months ago) so im hoping to just get .mp3's

Any help/advice would be totally AWESOME..!!!!!!!!!!!

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